Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More Pillowcases!

Love it!!! This is SO cool!!!
The first set of pillowcases comes from Wendy in CT. She is in my Heartstrings group - who are busy working on pillowcases as the January project. They are PERFECT Wendy!! Thanks!
The second set of pillowcases comes from Cathy O of the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo. It is her whole group that worked on these pillowcases.... but she gets to send them to me to *grin*
Thank Ladies!!! I sure appreciate it.

On a side note - Wrangler Man is my new Hero. He may have always been - but today he proved himself. I held horses for the horse shoer today and walking back to the barn I found a *sit down for this* baby RATTLE SNAKE!!! They are NOT supposed to be around in the winter. So I immediately called W.M. because all of you know that when your husband is 50 miles away he can surely come rescue you from a snake right?
He told me to throw a bucket over it and leave it. Um - okay - you don't have to tell me twice. When he came home he disposed of said snake ( which WAS a rattle snake) and now the grounds are free of snakes. I think I will be getting Chickens and Turkeys soon, and whatever else gets rid of snakes..... *shiver shiver chill*


Heather said...

It is very important to have someone on snake duty. I'm a wimp with wild snakes. (I work with pythons and boas but garter snakes freak me out.) I once told my horses that I was sorry but they were going to starve to death because there was a garter snake between their stalls and I couldn't go over there. Lucky for them my husband at the time took the snake away!

Nancy said...

Wow, it is awfully early for snakes to be out and about! Do you have a den in your area?

Lindah said...

Oh, yes! Do get those birds or whatever else to take care of the snakes, because lil' rattlers don't usually travel alone. =-(

Pat said...

Wow a snake would freak me out! It is unusual for them to be out in this cold. You're my new heroine for keeping your cool in an unnerving situation!

Nice pillowcases. Great project.