Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilters Accountability week 7

Pretend you are reading this last night - and that it is okay to not have pictures!
What a week this has been - High school sports started, so it added another aspect to our time continuim.... oh boy!
My goals for February were to work on my String bins 15 minutes a day.
**** this week - I got one day of an hour in, and one 15 minute day... not quite what I had imagined, but at least some strings have been sewn.....
Quilting QOV's: Febrary Goal - quilt 5
**** 1 got one more done, and have 1 almost finished on the frame - but no pics yet ( I can't remember where I left the camera, but don't tell anyone!). So that is 2 1/2. I hope I can get the other 2 1/2 done before Sunday. Wish me luck.
Exercise and Meal planning -
**** This is getting more routine all the time. I am liking the running program. So far I have been able to do it with out collapsing. And food is getting easier to. Except the buying part - its non-stop. I think that I may be the sole reason the store stay profitable!!
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Kat said...

Way to go! Keep it up!

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

You are making progress on your goals. I feel the same about grocery shopping...Man do those prices go up each visit. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alycia! I so sympathize with you on the sports thing...I don't know how you do it!

You are getting a LOT done! I envy all the quilting you get done! Five QOV in one month! Cool....and after last month I know you can get the other 2 1/2 done.

I am so happy the running is working out for you. Routine is good with some things, especially exercise and menu planning!

Keep it up!