Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quilters Accountability week 5

Week 5
Acck... Who says the year can go by so fast??? at least we are having fun right?
So here goes on the Accountability Check up of February goals.
Goal #1: 15 minutes of String Work each day: Hey I did it!! I was surprised but I like sewing in the evening....and I just left my red string bucket out.
First off - I finished 17 of these random strings. They will go in a pile for the quilt show that I will be attending this summer. People love to sign them to go into a Quilt of Valor.

My red String Bucket was completely filled - and I started blocks -24 of them....but I am wondering when the red string bucket will LOOK like I removed any strings from it? oh yes - they are only half red, but I have a plan.....


Quilts of Valor: I got One quilted. It is a top that came from the sister of the wife of a soldier that recieved a Quilt of Valor from us 5 years ago. ( Say that 5 times fast!!)

Exercise and Menu planning: Super bowl kind of got in the way of the meal planning thing, but we survived... my dark chocolate M&M's did not. Alas - they were all gone by the first half!
Customer Quilts:
One I really really really want to show you, because I want someone to make me one, except that it is a gift quilt, and the recipient *might* read my blog.... so I can not.
The second Customer quilt I can though....

It is feathered like the wind bullseye.... and she was very happy.

And Last but not least - I finally finished trimming up the 7 million 4 hundred and 82 thousand small pieces in step 4 of Bonnies Carolina Christmas.... and can now move on to step 5.

Go check out Baris Blog for more QA updates:


Lori said...

Great Job!!!I want that quilt too.

I often wonder about those strings...I think they have a "good time" when we are not looking.

Anonymous said...

You are still on a roll, Alycia! Way to go. I am absolutely LOVING those string blocks! I want to do a RWB QOV string quilt also, but want to plan the colors....I haven't had time to play in EQ, but you sure have inspired me.

Or I could just wait to see what you come up with and "borrow" YOUR idea! LOL

Love the quilts!


Mary Johnson said...

I've been making QAYG blocks since the beginning of the year, up to 108 of them and I see no difference in my large string bin. So far I'm keeping to my goal of working on strings every Tuesday (unless I'm traveling).