Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quilters Accountability

Bari - over at is doing a Quilters Accountability for 2010. I did not have UFO's and the end of 2008, umm, I do now.... But we will not talk numbers, just suffice it to say when I thought about counting and organizing them, Wrangler Man retreated to the Garage.... his man cave!
So I thought I would participate in QA in my own way, with Monthly goals.

My January Goals are to quilt 15 Quilts of Valor. This Lone Star is QOV #1. It was made by Donna in Golden and it was just lovely to begin with. I had fun quilting it. I decided to do some swirly feathers with RWB thread in the Star, and Black in the black.
Here is the back. I was a little worried using Black thread on a Light Background - but I think it worked ok.
I have a second QOV project going on. If you remember last year we were invited to give out some quilts to the Returning WWII vets on the Honor Flight. The vets were so enthused by these quilts that we have been asked to do it again. I need 50 quilts by April 20th - so this will be a WWII QOV. Wish me luck!
The Second Quilt of Valor was pieced by Sheree in Heartstrings. I sent the dog panels to Sheree to be used, I just didn't know she would come up with this Wonderful Top. I Love it - Little bit, who wants 14 million puppies is really in love with it.


Goal #2: Piece Bonnie's Carolina Christmas Mystery. ( simple enough right?)
I have finished Clue Two, and am halfway thru with clue 3. I have run out of the Black on white background, but I know I have more in my stash - I am kind of afraid to go look at my stash... but I will!

The By Product of Clue 3 is a lot of tiny 1/2 square triangles. I have had one suggestion to make pinwheels out of them for a border... any other ideas.. I think there is a million....
Goal #3 Plan a Weekly Menu -
This week - so far so good, I have had everything on hand due to our shopping trip, and although tomorrow is grocery day, I have enough food for another nights meal if it continues to blizzard like it is....
Goal #4 - Exercise 20 minutes every weekday.
Yep - I have done it every day - even Saturday and Sunday... I am nuts!
I have Biked, Done Wii Fitness and started Jillians 30 day Shred ( ugh)


Krista said...

That is a beautiful lone star quilt. I am in awe of your goal to quilt 15 quilts this month, however.

Anonymous said...

Your goals sound wonderful, Alycia! Way to go! Glad you are joining us (even if I think I shamed you into it! LOL)

I am REALLY impressed with the excercise one. That takes TRUE dedication!

I can't wait to see your Carolina Christmas finished...I love those colors, and you are moving right along on it! Are you really going to use those teeny-tiny half square triangles? I saved some from one of Bonnie's patterns and I think finally threw them away or gave them away. I can only take so much....just think, I might have had ANOTHER UFO laying around! LOL

Keep it up!


Victoria Bolton said...

You go, Alycia! Quilt On! I'm so happy to be able to sew for QOV. Your work is great!

LizA. said...

Wow! Way to go! I think I need to re-read this post of yours every day! Maybe it will motivate me to do even half of what you are doing. It's all stuff I keep saying I'm "gonna" do -- just never do. My excuse right now is this lousy cold......I'll get that zig-zag quilt quilted up and sent your way when I'm feeling better.

Jan Mac said...

Beautiful quilts again Alycia, Thanks for sharing them with us.
Hugs Jan Mac