Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Greetings from Quilt Central

Did you think I got stuck under a pile of quilts?

These first Two Quilts of Valor for the Warrior Games come from Alice C in Freehold NJ. I met her on the QuiltingBoard and she made these two quilts quickly!!

These next two beautiful quilts come from Linda S in Olympia WA. The triangle one really intrigued my husband. He sat there for a while trying to figure it out.
I love the central medallion in the second quilt!

This quilt with the stars at the top comes from the Ladies at the Edge of the Sea. it was made by Virginia, Jane, Betty and Marguarite. Thanks Ladies - its perfect!

This Scrappy Trip around the world comes from Karen Keeler in ME. Love it!!!

And the very last quilt for this post comes from Lana T in Moscow ID. I love all the triangles. Beautiful.

Thanks Quilters for these lovely Quilts of Valor. I saw on the Today show this morning a group talking about the Warrior Games. Made me excited!

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Gina said...

I love the triangles too.. One of my favorite clients does this one often in shimmer fabris.. Either Fairy Frost, or metalics. We call them Pyiramids of Egypt!
Thanks for your service to our soldiers.. from a soldier's Mom:)