Monday, May 17, 2010

More great Quilts

Although the last few weeks have been consumed by deliveries and the Warrior Games - I have not forgotten our No Soldier Forgotten Project.
The First Two quilt on the Right side were made by Barb W, and then Jude in Laramie volunteered to quilt them. I really really like them. The boxes appeal to me. They kind of remind me of 2 different quilts I have seen recently.And since I get a lot or requests for patterns of quilts posted.... here you go!!

Framed Rectangles/
Peaches and Dreams/

This next one is a Disappearing Nine patch and it was made by Lori/ in South Dakota. I really loved these colors. The purple framed the top so nicely.

Next comes a Quilt from Mary in Washington. Wow is all I can say!! And she sent in some pillowcases! Which I appreciate, my stash was getting low.

These wonderful pillowcases - 32 of them!!! - came from Thanks Nancy and Crew!!!

And the last quilt for todays post of Quilts of Valor comes from April W. She sent in this quilt and one for the WWII project. Thanks so much April!

Hope you liked todays quilts!


mkhquilts said...

I love seiing my contribution! I also love that Disappering 9-patch from Lori. Very pretty!

marilyn said...

I'd love the pattern for the last quilt from April w please! I've never seen anything like that one before. Wow, it looks so great.

Lori said...

I loved the quilts, today!!

Jeri in Greeley CO said...

I also love the quilt from April W. Any chance we could get that pattern posted? it's awesome.