Thursday, March 18, 2010

WWII Quilts of Valor

These two wonderful quilts came from Eileen in MD for the WWII Honor Flight Veterans, Eileen - they are perfect!!
I think this first one is a trip around the world style quilt. It is quite stunning and looks like it takes careful planning,
The next one - I think - is a Warm Wishes quilt. This pattern should be able to be found online for free at mccalls quilting?

Thank you so much Eileen.
I am now at home sitting in front of the fire, totally believing the weather people. This morning is was nice, by noon - 70 degrees. We had a picnic... a real outside picnic. By the time we made it to the gun range for target practice at 6pm we were in winter coats and gloves!! They say we will wake up to snow.... hmmm... I was really ready for spring!


Kathie said...

Beautiful quilts. Eileen belongs to my local guild and it is amazing how many charity quilts she makes.

kathie L.

Eileen said...

Glad you like them. You are right---Warm Wishes. The other is Quick Trip my E. Burns. She has a very easy way to make this quilt.

Anonymous said...

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