Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recovering ( sort of)

First off I want to show you these three really cool quilts that came from Ray MI.
With no name on them. But they are GOREGEOUS!!! I love the way they made the dissappearing 9 Patch blocks. Maybe you can click on the pictures and see them better!
So Thank you to Ray MI!!!!


Second - I have a story - a true story... just happened yesterday....
We have a horse -he got himself injured a year and a half ago. He is a big horse and he pulled out his hip. So he has been in Physical Therapy. Bet you had no clue that horses could have PT eh? And I have been his Physical Therapist... (surprise!!)
So yesterday it was determined that he should be ridden, that all he should do is walk under the saddle, in the sand and start re-strengthening his hip that way - rather that leading him around.
Brave me - I had Wrangler Man help me saddle him as he is WAY tall and off I Went .... into the .... arena. We rode and he wanted to run, and go his own way and I rebeled and made him walk and go may way.
We were getting along okay and he was pretending to shy at stupid things, and I was following along with him, and telling him that he would not fool me, when a little girl ( a sweet little girl that we give lessons to) came running out to the arena with the cutest new cowboy hat - and the danged horse shyed faster than I was prepared for. He bucked and I lost a stirrup and I said one bad word, and grabbed onto the saddle horn and reined him around and he finally decided I wasn't worth it and he stopped bucking. This poor little sweet, innocent girl looked at me and said - "you said a bad word".
Notice that she wasn't worried that I almost became one with the dust, and then became one with the saddle horn, nor was she impressed that I held on and wasn't crying, nor did she think that I might need some help from some strong ruggedly handsome cowboy.... Nope she focused on the ONE bad word I said....
All I could do was say - oops... Now please go get wrangler man, so that you are out of the sight of this horse and maybe he will be a gentleman and stop trying to make me fall off in public.
Can you believe the nerve of that horse - making me look bad in front of real live people? I tell ya - I should take away his grain for a month!!!
And today - I can feel all the muscles that were used in the making of this episode!


Lindah said...

Oh, ouchee! Glad you're ok. One time --just ONE time-- my horse bucked with me. Must have been close to 60 years ago --but I can still feel the sore muscles to this day.

k. said...

Indeed, all they ever notice is the bad word. sigh!

I love following your blog by the way. It is lovely to see all the quilts people are sending in. Thanks for documenting/organizing all of this. :) k.

Heather said...

If that kid is going to be around horse people for any length of time she is going to learn lots and lots of bad words! LOL

Congrats on staying on.

Paula, the quilter said...

I'm not a horse person, but golly, this did not sound like fun. Glad you're okay but sore and bruised.

Amy said...

First, the quilts look great....

But more importantly----you made me LITERALLY bust out with a grand ol' giggle!!! I know at the time, it wasn't worth a laugh, but it sure is now....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so feel your pain! I have ridden way to many broncy horses that would spook at any little thing...and when they have been on "bed rest"! Whoa, Nellie!

And yes, I can believe the little girl only noticed the one bad word you said. I am just so very proud of you for not saying more!

I love those quilts also. Thanks so much for showing them to us!