Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mini Quilt Show Part 3

So are you seeing anything you like yet? I love Quilt Shows, but they are always an hour or more from me, if they are close. I do try to make it to as many as I can, but sitting at my computer is kid of nice. And NO travel time~
This first quilt was made by the Miracles Group in Denver, and quilted by Joanne in IA. She did a wonderful job on all the quilts she quilted for Quilts of Valor. I appreciate your time Joanne!

This one was quilted by Joanne too - but it came from St Croix. Carolyn R made it, and it is a really neat pattern. I like the spinnies!

This quilt was made by Audrey of the Livermore Quilters. She has been battling cancer for over a year now, and at the end of May, she lost the battle. I sure appreciate all that she did making these Quilts of Valor.

This quilt was made by Willa of the Livermore quilters. She and Audrey worked together a lot!

-This quilt on the left was made by the Pieceable Friends Quilt guild. We started sewing on it during our QOV Sew days, and at one of them Anna Marie Finished the top and took it home and quilted it! It is a Stars and Bars pattern.

This quilt was made by Matie T of the Pueblo West quilters. Anna Marie took it home and added a border to get it up to the minimum size asked for for Quilts of Valor. Quick Reminder - 50 x 60 is the minimum. Then she quilted it! Thanks Matie.

And this Beautiful quilt was made and quilted by Linda V of Bennett. She took a feathers class and has been quilting up the most gorgeous feathers and this one is feathered!!

This quilt was Quilted by Lt Col. Donna P ( Ret.). I challenged her to "Just Quilt It" and boy howdy - did she!! She did an awesome job. Thanks Donna!!

And the very last quilt for this weekend's mini quilt show was made by Charlotte W of my quilt Guild, and quilted by me. This fabric was donated from our local quilt shop - Quilters Stash. Patty has been a great supporter of Quilts of Valor. As a matter of fact, when I first started quilting with kids she gave me a bunch of Patriotic FQ's to start out with.
Have a great Sunday!


Amy said...

boy, where are you hiding all of these quilts ????

LOVE the inspiration!

Sheila said...

Of course we like what we see!! There is always something you post that inspires me. Thanks, Alycia.

Lori said...

Yes, where are you hiding these quilts?