Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilters Accountability 6/30


First off - I have updated my blog to come into the 20th century - and It might be above and beyond my comprehension!!! So wish me luck as I get everything figured out!!
I missed QA Last week, and I really have no good excuse, except nothing really got done. I had wanted to finish my Carolina Christmas, but realized I hadn't even finished putting the rows together!!! - Now, I am done. Well I am Topped! Still needs quilting.

So now I am finishing up 24 more Blue and Yellow String blocks. This was out Heartstrings challenge for April and May - so as usual I am right on top of things!! I have 24 finished, and will finish these this week. ( I hope)
We also attended a graduation of another Soldier from PTSD School. This is a Quilt of Valor that my mother made. I was excited to see that quilt. I think it was her second quilt she ever made, and he CHOSE it for his graduation!!!

And then - there is today. We are in the middle of hay acquistions. This is the time of year to gather ( and hoard) all that we will need for the summer.
You will note who is working and who is not - right? And of course, I am doing the toughest job, trying to take some pictures while avoiding falling hay. I didn't do so good, but I saved a dog ;-)
Goals for Next Week:
  1. Finish 24 String block and trim them up
  2. Put string blocks into a top
  3. Help sons continue to sew on there ( hope to be this year) Fair quilts
If you want to see what everyone esle is up to check out Bari's blog


Sherrill said...

You REALLY make me tired with all you do!! LOL So did you take a selection of quilts to the soldier's graduation and let him pick? That's neat he picked your mom's! My church group is working on some that will be winging their way to you shortly (at least I HOPE it's shortly)!

Amy said...

Ah poo!
Now you've --guilted me--no ---challenged me-- into finishing off my Carolina Christmas top. I'm ALMOST done; just need to finish the borders.

Okay---THAT's my goal for tomorrow! Thanks for the unknowing push!!!!!

And string blocks-----sounds fun!!!! I have my daughter trying her hand at those since she's still showing interest in sewing----in R/W/B!!! I've already suggested to her to make up some blocks for a QOV ;0)

Stephanie D said...

I like the new look--except it makes me want to check and make sure I'm wearing my glasses! lol
I'm afraid I'm still in the 90s with my blog, but hey, I DO know what a blog is!

Lori said...

Welcome to the new century! (giggle)

You are too funny!

Shelly said...

I can't believe you get so much done! I've been wanting to try some string blocks myself, but haven't dived in yet . . . a Carolina Christmas quilt is a big project -- I amazed when anyone gets one finished!

LizA. said...

I like the new look for the blog -- good job! You may be a little behind on your QA but at least you're accomplishing something which is more than I can say......

Julianne said...

I think you get a lot done. Do you sleep. LOL

BunkHouseQuilts said...

I see you are stacking hay. It must be that time of year. heh,heh. I grew up stacking hay by hand and I can appreciate your efforts.

Keep up the good work with the QOVs! Thanks for your service.

Concerning goal #3. My son can sew, my daughter not so much.

Take care.
Ann Wight