Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pillowcases from Emily

Emily made these pillowcases for Quilts of Valor and here is what she says:

My name is Emily L. and I have been helping my mom make quilts for Binky Patrol for a couple of years. She told me about the quilts you make for the wounded soldiers. I wanted to help out so she suggested I make some pillowcases to put the quilts in. I helped make 12 of these pillowcases and wanted to say thank you to the men and women who serve our country. I realize that they sacrfice alot so I can have freedom. I know that it is only a small thing, but if everyone did something, they would feel like we all care.

Thanks Emily!! These are awesome!


Lori said...

Oh Emily, you make me smile! What a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Go Emily! A true quilter's heart and so wise for someone so young.

Shari in AZ

Sheila said...

How sweet of Emily! She did an excellent job.

Miss Carol said...

If you know of a unit that is in Iraq or Afghanistan, you can always send extra pillowcases to them. I did that for my cousin while he was in Iraq and he and his fellow Marines were so thankful to have a CLEAN place to lay their heads. You can contact a local church or recruitment center to see who is deployed at this time. Thank you for all you work and for remembering the men and women who serve our country.
Carol Hardesty----Army National Guard Mom

Susan L said...

Emily, you are totally awesome - but i've always known that!! What a great & thoughtful way to share one of your many talents & a great way to represent your peers & all of us - Have a Fun & Happy Summer!
Love, Granna, Fremont, CA