Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mini Quilt Show part 2

This first quilt was pieced and quilted by Ethel in Greeley - she is in my guild and one of my binding buddies! A very prolific binding buddy I might add. And she brings me chocolate. ( I like her!!)

These next three quilts were made by the Miracles group in Denver. Ms. Jessica teaches these ladies how to make quilts and they do an excellent job. They were quilted by Gail in Denver.

It was a sunny day outside so I thought I would see how that works to take pictures - apparently I forgot about shadows.... the quilts really aren't in prison!

One of the ladies in my guild is in a quilting group up in Eaton. She also organizes the Honor Flight Northern Colorado. One of the ladies in her group made this quilt.

And one of her other ladies - Kay - Made this quilt. I love the strippiness of it.

And she - Cecily - made this one. I think it is kind of a coins quilt, but I like how it was off set.

This quilt was made by Francie. Again - another wonderful quilter from my guild. And Francie - you just have to love her, I don't think she ever shows up without a smile on her face. Totally makes my day!!

And this quilt was made by Sheila in OH ( and quilted by Joanne in NH.

As well as this one. Both of these are well traveled Quilts of Valor!

So I hope you enjoyed the mini show part 2. My son and I have had fun photographing them. We took a mini lecture class about cameras and we learned something about the lighting and being able to change things in the camera. I had no idea.... so we tried to practice some of the "tips"

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