Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Mini Quilt Show

It has been a rather gloomy day today - but a good day to get lots of stuff done on the inside!!
Here is another mini quilt show for you to enjoy - of Quilts of Valor.
The first four were made by the Gloria Christie quilters in Greeley CO. They made quite a variety of quilts, and they are wonderful!
These quilters are super busy all year round and make quilts for various causes. Thanks ladies!!

The next two quilts were made by Susan B in Brush Colorado. She made them and took them to Kansas to her friend Brenda's house and they quilted them. Great team effort!!!
She contacted me, and found out that I was on her way.... so I had the wonderful chance to meet both Susan and her friend Carolyn ( who you will meet in the next quilt show!!)
It was VERY nice to meet them!!

This Chunky Churndash was made by Bev H in Hamilton OH. I believe she followed along when we did it as a mystery quilt here. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.

And this last quilt was made by Jeri F in Greeley CO. I got to meet her at our last sew day, and recognized this quilt - kind of. Turns out it was a mystery pattern on the QOVquiltmystery yahoo group. And we BOTH belong to it!! Amazing. (small world LOL)

Hope you enjoyed the quilts for today.


marilyn said...

I thought of you today when I took my daughter to a tennis match. They had a swim meet going at the same time. There were 4,000 swimmers and their parents there. Boy were they a crazy bunch of people! I could almost see you and the boys there, racing to the finish line. Made me smile!

Quilttiger said...

Thank you for continuing to share pictures of the wonderful quilts that come your way....lovely eye candy and terrific inspiration!

American Quilter's Society said...

Such lovely quilts! Thanks for showing these pictures. Can't wait to see more!

Happy Quilting..