Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quilters Accountibility 23

Another week has gone by, and we are staying out of trouble - sort of... at least we are keeping busy!
My goals for last week:

#1: Finish Judy L's Quilt of Valor sew Along ( DONE DONE DONE DONE - are you sure you heard me???? I was a little short on the Blue outer border... after searching my extensive blue stash ( there was NONE) and I even headed to the fabric store to see if they might have more .... and there was no more. So I improvised - and I bet you can't tell. ( at least I hope you can't)
Oh - and to brag - I even made the backing and took a picture for Ms Sandy. She likes backs. I used the rest of my scraps up. But I also had 4 yards of the Royal Blue - thanks to Ms Vicki A of Machine Quilting Unlimited ( I raided her stash when she wasn't looking)
#2: Help my kids get their quilts cut out.

Ugh - almost! We are working on them. And we got quite a bit cut, but not all of it. I think I will wrestle them down to the sewing room on Sunday and tie them to the cutting table until we are finished? Or until Dad calls us for lunch!

This is a sneak of one childs quilt pattern ( he designed it in EQ6) and his fabrics.

And here is a sneak peak of another childs quilt (some fabrics are missing - we had them over on the cutting table already)

And this is the last childs - he doesn't want you to see his whole design until it is done.

#3: Put the Carolina Christmas blocks into the top ( I only have rows sewn... bummer) Nope nada zilch - didn't even touch it. Thats okay though right - cuz now I have a goal for the next week - a reason to keep quilting, to still work with the fabric - to keep my space in the house ......
So - I guess you know the goal for next week - FINISH THE CAROLINA CHRISTMAS QUILT before Christmas comes again!!!!

If you want to see what everyone else is up to head over to Bari's


Amy said...

Yeah you---with the Memorial Day Challenge!

Hmmm.....I need to get motivated on my Carolina Christmas quilt too....I'm to the border stage.

QUITE AMBITIOUS with the children's quilts!!!!

Julianne said...

Love the quilt you finished. You have some big goals for next week. LOL Have fun with the kids.