Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sandra Dallas Book Giveaway

I have to tell you I am so excited!! Sandra Dallas has come out with a NEW book. I love Sandra Dallas books. I think I have read them all, and even made a quilt like one in her book - "The Quilt that Walked to Golden"
And now she has written a NEW one. If you have never read a Sandra Dallas book before - head on over to Amazon or your favorite Book store and get a book written by her. My favorite book is "Prayers For Sale". Oh, or maybe it is "The Persian Pickle Club", Oh, and I like "Tallgrass" as well. Kind of reminds me of the area in which I now live.
Another way for you to be able to read her new book "Whiter than Snow" is a giveaway!! I have been given the opportunity to give away one copy of her new book to one very lucky blog reader. So if you are so inclined to be included in this giveaway. Leave a comment on this post before Sunday June 27th at 6pm, and tell me what your favorite quilt pattern or block is. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you for your address to send the book to if you are a lucky winner!!
Here is an excerpt from Sandra:
Sandra Dallas, Whiter Than Snow

Nothing defines my characters more than their sewing.

In my first novels, my female characters smoked. My books are set in earlier times, long before we knew about the evils of tobacco, when a woman who smoked was independent, a little daring, sophisticated. As a writer, I could do so much with smoking: A character could watch the smoke curl up or blow smoke into someone’s face. She could pick a speck of tobacco off her lip or snuff out a cigarette in anger. And there was all that wonderful smoking paraphernalia, such as Bakelite cigarette holders, monogrammed cigarette boxes, and remember those huge standing ashtrays with sand in them? But today, smoking says something negative about a character, no matter what the time period. So my characters have quit smoking. Instead, they quilt.
The way a woman stitches says something about her. A woman who takes small, even stitches is different from one who sews with big, sloppy stitches. A quilter who selects black and white fabrics for her quilt is more somber than one who picks primary colors. And the patterns the women choose, whether an intricate design with thousands of pieces or a big, bold pattern of large blocks, say something about them.
The titles of the quilts, too, affect the stitchers. Log cabin quilts were a favorite of women who helped escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad. More than one pioneer woman pieced a Road to California before setting out for the West. And it’s hard to imagine that a woman who likes her toddies would make a Drunkard’s Path.
My characters don’t just sew. They are part of a community of stitchers—the quilting circle. I first wrote about a quilting circle in The Persian Pickle Club, thinking there were a few quilters out there who might relate to the subject. What I didn’t know was there are 27 million of them and that they understand the significance of the quilting circle far better than I. So I’ve included sewing in virtually all of my books, to a greater (Prayers for Sale) or lesser (Whiter Than Snow) degree.
What these readers know is that quilting isn’t just about making bed covers. In a quilting circle, women support each other. They share each other’s joys and sorrows, help in times of need, pull together when a member is threatened or in trouble. Quilting is a way of sharing, and the work of the women’s hands represents warmth and comfort not only because they are making a quilt but because that quilt is made with love.
I’ve often been asked if I’m a quilter. Some years ago, I wrote The Quilt That Walked to Golden, a history of quilting in the Rocky Mountain States, for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colo. In the book, I write that quilting all but died out during World War II, and the women who picked up their needles a generation later were often self-taught. They did things no self-respecting quilter would do today, such as use polyester fabric or quilt in the ditch (on the seam line.) I tell of one woman who made a quilt for her sister as a wedding present, a stuffed quilt made of huge puffs filled with cotton. She didn’t know when to stop stuffing, and as a result, the quilt weighed 25 pounds. Their brother had to take it to the wedding in the back of his pickup.
But my sister cherished the quilt anyway.
© Copyright 2010 by Sandra Dallas. Reprinted with permission from the author




Unknown said...

Alycia, I love all your quilts. I read you and Mary's blogs often. My favorite block is both the disappearing 9-patch and the braid. Love to put colors together in these two blocks. The new book sounds interesting, I've never read any of her books.
Aline Mason, its_me29456@yahoo.com

LizA. said...

Do I have to pick just ONE block or pattern? The first one that comes to mind is Storm at Sea which I also have as a silver charm necklace with my birthstone and wear ALL the time.

Lindah said...

I enjoyed The Quilt that Walked to Golden. How neat that you can give away the newest book!

My favorite quilt block??? That's a hard one. I generally go from 1 new-to-me design to the next. However, I often find myself going back to the simplicity of the log cabin block. Something basic and soothing about that design. And it has infinite variations in both block and setting. Sometimes I put a star in the center; othertimes I put the star in each corner. I'm piecing a log cabin with a pineapple twist to it at the moment. After months of chaos, I need to handle the basic, soothing comfort of this old friend.

Jan Hutchison said...

I love feathered stars, but as a not very talented piecer, may never make one!

Linda said...

Love Sandra Dallas' books. My favorite block is the nine patch. It's an amazing block because there are so many variations and combinations with other blocks that are interesting.

JoAnne said...

My favorite block is Sawtooth Star, but flying geese are a close second.

Nikki said...

I haven't read any of Ms. Dallas' books...but I am off to the library to check them out. It is almost too hot here in Virginia to quilt! I am a new quilter and am just getting into blocks. Previously I have been making the "too pretty to cut" type of quilts. I have made a wonky star which I enjoy and I am going to try a log cabin next.

Nikki in Virginia

Harleyetta@aol.com said...

Hey Alicia I am feeling lucky!

I am also heading back to WIsconsin and feeling like a QOV quilt needs to happen. That is my place for uminterrupted sewing....but I need a rading break!

Jane Modjeski NJ/WI

ooopppps and my fav block is the 9-patch!

Joanne said...

I only discovered her books recently and in fact started The Persian Pickle Club last night. Love it. Felt right at home with the characters immediately. As to favourite quilt pattern or block just about anything that is pieced. Sister's Choice is one block I particularly like. Joanne H

Heather said...

I love her books! My favorite block is hard to say. I guess I'd have to pick New York Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the book!
I am a fairly new quilter. I don't really have a favorite block. I want to make all of them!!! So having a book to instruct me would be really helpful.
lourdesfay at gmail dot com

Stephanie D said...

Thanks for the giveaway, Alycia!

I read The Persian Pickle Club several years ago, just on a hunt for quilting fiction from our little library, but didn't make note of the author and didn't know there were more by her. I'll have to see if there are any new ones at the library.

Favorite block? I like the Next Door Neighbor block, but I like Jewel Box, too. Then again, Interlocking Rings is fun.

I don't know. There are so many more to try...

Claudia said...

Those are great books !! My favorite quilt block pattern in Dresden Plate... just such a pretty block...and can make it up in ANY fabrics.

Quilter Kathy said...

My favorite block pattern seems to be the disappearing 9 patch as I have made a few of these now, and each one looks so different!

Miss Carol said...

My favorite quilt block is the Ohio Star. Could be because I live in Ohio, or just that I love all the variations of it.

Sandy Spence said...

Pick me, Pick me!
I love to read quilty books :)

Headngley MB

sharoon said...

Hi Alycia and Sandra,
You're both extremely talented and creative women and I'm grateful that you each share your gifts. I've read two of Sandra's books and would love to read this new one.

My favorite quilt block? Yes, it's elementary, but I have to go with the lowly 9-patch as my favorite block. I teach beginning quilting and that's the first one we learn. The students are thrilled to make their first one with matching intersections!

stitchinkitchen said...

my favorite quilt block is the Ohio Star. I have yet to make one! lol

Jeri Lynn Fuqua said...

my favorite block is the Bear Paw. My favorite quilts are definitely 2-color quilts. I made a red and white Bear Paw quilt several years ago. It hangs in our family room and is my favorite.
Happy Quilting.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to be included in the give away. have most of sandra dallas' books already and love them. i enjoy your blog so much with all you do for our veterans. i make lots of quilts for veterans thru my group here in florida. keep up the great work. an army brat from way back.
patti leal pleal@cfl.rr.com

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to leave the name of my favorite block. tis the 9-patch. you can do so much with this block.
patti leal mailto:pleal@cfl.rr.com

Barbara Campbell said...

Hard to choose just one block, but I like anything I can add texture to by folding, pleating, scrunching, etc. I love creating curved looks with folded inserts. Almost any block can be modified to use these techniques. I absolutely love black, white & red quilts.

Sherry said...

I loved reading The Persian Pickle Club.

It would be fun to get a new book for summer reading. . . .

My favorite quilt block is, hmmmm, either Bow Tie or Churn Dash. . .I couldn't choose between the two.

Thank you,

Sherry V.

Linda G. Strickland said...

Someday I hope to quilt such lovely quilts. I do keep trying. I've never seen a quilt block that I didn't love but if I had to pick just one I guess it would be the Log Cabin. I love the way you can turn it and make waves and it just keeps on going. I also like the history of the quilt block and want to make one to reproduce the Underground Railroad sign. Now that I've found your blog, I plan to become a regular reader.....Linda (FuzzWamp@aol.com)

bunbear said...

I loved The Quilt that Walked to Golden. My favorite block is the simple log cabin.

LouAnne said...

Alycia: I love what wonderful things you can do with the disappearing 9 patch pattern, but you KNOW at heart I'm a crazyquilt girl. I love to piece blocks and embroidery them. I also loved Persian Pickle Club and was unaware that she wrote so many books! Fingers crossed!

Connie said...

I love Storm at Sea for a "Sane" quilt block, but my heart goes with a crazy quilt block. Thanks for the opportunity -- she sounds like an interesting author. cwkalina@aol.com

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Oh my, what quilt block is my favorite? There are many. I love both the feathered star and the New York Beauty but have yet to make them. I also like the simplicity of the 9-patch block and the sawtooth block. My newest favorite is Bonnie Hunter's Crumb block. I don't think I can choose just one!

You can reach me at sue at asdfwordpro . com (remove the spaces)

nfcms@aol.com said...

This is my first time to read your blog and wanted to let you know I enjoy it greatly. I'm commenting to enter your contest.

My favorite block is the nine patch. I just finished making an X block quilt from the basic 9 patch.

JustPam said...

I rarely have time to read, but if I would win, this sounds like a fun book to read and pass around at my little quilt club.

Today my favorite quilt is Shakespeare in the Park.


Nina Clotfelter said...

I haven't read any of Sandra Dallas's books. She sounds fabulous! Thank you for sharing with those os us who didn't know. I love to broaden my horizons!

Oh my...I'm not sure I can name just 1 favorite block, but I can say my favorite kind, (I hope that's okay):-) I love polka dots, so surly you could guess I like star blocks & marinars compass blocks. Anything that has a circle to it - I'm in!

Nina in Mobile, Alabama
You can reach me at:

Aunt Mag's Quilty Adventures said...

I absolutely love to read & though I've not read Sandra Dallas' books sounds like they are just up my alley.

Now, you know, picking one block or pattern as a favorite has to be extremely difficult for most of us. Right now the Bargello pattern tickles my fancy.

gocrazywithme said...

Crazy quilts are my favorite. No other quilt "pattern" allows so much of the quilter's personality to shine through!

I love Sandra Dallas's books and have read most of them. Alice's Tulips is my favorite so far.

Roslyn said...

I am currently reading the Chiaverini series of quilt related stories, & I would love to add this one, I haven't read any of Sandra's!
Just quilted a lovely QOV last week & have three more standing by awaiting the LA!
I couldn't choose a favorite block/quilt, Alycia, it's whatever I am currently working on.
I do want to make an Eleanor Burns "Day & Night " quilt I just quilted one, a QS & I really enjoyed working on it.

Rita E in AZ said...

My favorite quilt block changes so often but right now I am fascinated with this one:
to make a Spinning Star Quilt (done with log cabin blocks) like this:
Thank you for the giveaway and the heads up about this author
Rita E in AZ
requilt (at) yahoo (dot) com

Horserider said...

I want some of your energy, but since I don't have it, I guess I'll have to thank you for doing all you do for the Quilts of Valor. Its so heart warming and wonderful, especially since you get the school kids involved and working on the quilts. God gave you a wonderful talent, and your doing a great job! YOU GO GIRL!!!!
Now for my favorite block: It might be the tulip or the Ohio Star or Jacob's Ladder or...you get the idea. (you know what happens when you hit 50 the mind starts wandering) Well as you can tell I've hit the magic number.
Another thing I need to confess to you, I made a quilt top for the Quilts of Valor but I haven't quilted it yet since my longarm is giving me fits. Hopefully God will see to it that I will find a brand new longarm in my studio so I can get these tops done since I want this quilt to be wonderful for it's new owner.
On that note I just want to Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for all you're doing for the Quilts of Valor!

Wilma said...

I really enjoyed reading the first two pages of the new book. It has whet my appetite for more. My favourie block is the ohio star. So versatile,and always looks nice.
Wilma Ladiges

Karen said...

One of my favorite patterns is warm wishes. I also love ohio star pattern.

Louise said...

How generous of you...it sounds like a great book and I'll make a point to check out her others. I love so many blocks, but I really like the school house block. Not sure why...it's just an interesting and old-fashioned block. Louise

Lynda said...

I haven't read any of her books but they do sound interesting. MMMMM my favorite block is.....whatever I am working on at the moment. I do like to make Buggy Barn patterns because they always turn out great even when I'm working on them and thinking they will be a disaster. Right now I'm trying to use up my small stash (at least it seemed small before I started cutting it up) so I'm making scrap quilts using traditional patterns.

Nancy in IN said...

WOW. Just in the nick of time in midwest but an hour or so out in CO. Our kids lived there for awhile and we loved to visit. Always enjoy a new book and block. Now to pick one for grands quilt!
Nancy in IN

Nancy in IN said...

Oops! sewseitz@sbcglobal.net is the way to contact me. Love your quilts.
Nancy in IN

Carla said...

Thank you for the book recommendations! I read all the Elm Creek Quilts books and was looking for more quilty easy read books.

Keep up the good work with Quilts of Valor. I constantly have a stack of tops that need to be quilted for Binky Patrol. But I will keep you on my list for when I get a chance to quilt for your cause.

Carla in CA