Tuesday, July 06, 2010

All American

It doesn't get more American that Baseball and Fireworks right? Well Maybe we needed the Apple Pie, but we will have to settle for Brats and Potato Salad!
Our 4th of July weekend was actually three days, as on the 4th we totally got rained out!! But the weekend started with Grandma and Grandpa heading down to visit. Wrangler Mans' parents. And the boys wanted to play baseball. So they did. Do you know how a cowboy catches a ball?
Those cowboy hats aren't just for looks you know!!! That night we tried to watch the fireworks from the deck, but the rain was just too much, and the clouds, and a Lot of the shows got cancelled. So we tried again on the 5th.
But first!!! There was an animal ( or 4 ) out of place, so we had a mini round up.
I kind of thought we should leave one of them out = then maybe we wouldn't have to mow, but I forgot how messy they can be, and how they always head to the porch - and leave a present. And how they never fail to go right thru Wrangler Mans garden!!

This is all the "MEN" getting ready for the night. We realized how dark it is out here so thought we should set up while we could all see. That way the things that go bump in the night wouldn't scare us - right? This took a bit of planning and thinking and accidentally doing a couple of fireworks - or maybe it was testing the fireworks? Ya Thats it - they were testing the fireworks!!
And here is proof that at least one of them worked. Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend and appreciated your country!  

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