Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quilters Accountability 7/7

First off - for QA - I have to tell you - I haven't figured out this new fangled blog stuff yet. I guess I kind of liked the old way of doing things, but the new way of what it looks like.....
Last Weeks Goals were to:

  1. Finish 24 String block and trim them up .   DONE
  2. Put string blocks into a top .                         DONE
  3. Help sons continue to sew on there ( hope to be this year) Fair quilts  Still Working on it
The String Blocks were part of a Heartstrings Challenge over at  to be very Honest - it was the April/May Challenge, and, well, at least I finished it in this year!!! I like the way this quilt turned out, although when I go back to blue string bin - I am dissappointed that it didn't make a bigger dent!
The kids are working on their quilts, but I told them that they have to be motivated to get them done before fair - I am not going to be a taskmaster ( wish me luck with that one).

So here two of them are working away on their projects. This year they each designed their own quilts in EQ6/7. A little bit of a challenge for me, since last year they all made the same pattern. Didn't challenge my brain as much!

Goals for the next week:
I have decided that I am going to finish things. I have a pile behind where I sew, and I thought I should finish them up. So I pulled out the first stalled project after finishing the string quilt. And then I remember why I had it stalled. It is very patterny - and I wanted a small solid border before I added an outer border. Which I didn't have at the time. So I bought the fabrics for the outer border and forgot the black. Tomorrow I will go on the hunt for black - because in ALL of my fabrics there is not one single SOLID black.... go figure!

  1. Finish Quilt that needs black borders ( and obviously a name)
  2. Quilt Remembering George Quilt ( Judy L's pattern)
  3. Work on Stalled out Quilt #2 ( We will call it Wildlife - for lack of a better name)
  4. My goal is to eventually finish the stalled out projects in this white bucket, the strings next to it, and then get to the NEW project in the black bucket. I have NO idea how long that will take, or even what all is in the bucket - so it should be fun right????
    To See what others are doing go check out
    and be sure to leave lots of comments for folks!


Mary Johnson said...

It looks great Alycia! I've got one of the ones I made finished completely but the other one is still waiting for quilting.

Helen in the UK said...

It's ages since I went round the HeartStrings blogring and I'm finally catching up!
Looks like you continue to keep yourself super-busy!! Loved the picture of the lady in her quilt from the Warrior Games :)

Helen in the UK said...

Alycia - I couldn't find the HeartStrings ring logo to continue my journey :( Maybe it got lost in your blog redesign?

Julianne said...

You are getting lots accomplished.

marilyn said...

I love the description for your UFO's (Stalled out projects). I think I will call mine that too!

Quilttiger said...

Alycia, your blue and yellow heartsting quilt is stunning!

Anonymous said...

I love the blue and yellow heartstring quilt! All that I have seen are so pretty. Something about yellow and blue.

I love your buckets with yourstalled out projects in them. That might be a way to do it that makes it more accessible, and therefore, easier to finish! LOL.

I got off my UFO pile for a while, but actually started some back up last week. Amazing how priorities get pushed aside...

Can't wait to see the boys' quilts this year. Are they going to enter MQX again?


Darling Jill Quilts said...

I love the idea of your Quilter's Accountability. Although, I guess I do this when I write my goals, but I don't publish them on my blog. lol