Friday, July 30, 2010

The Museum

We took another little small trip yesterday - after morning swim practice - to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Totally a cool place, until you become inundated with thousands upon thousands of tiny people from summer camps all over  town. And you realized that your children are not tiny any more, and it makes you kind of sad and happy at the same time. And then you realize that your oldest has the worst problem with tiny people, because tiny people can't SEE over him anymore and crowd it front of him, and he is just not used to it.... yet.

I think the space part and the dinosaurs are our favorite parts - we seem to go there each time. And we watched the Hubble Imax Film.  Astronauts are cool. Astronauts are brave. They have to choose the foods they will eat for the WHOLE mission prior to takeoff. I can't even plan meals for a week and stick to them. 

My kids are growing - they are up to the legs on a T Rex now. Every time we go I take a picture on this wall. I need to find all the pictures and then compare them

And then we came home, and tried to fix my Longarm machine. It had a switch that wasn't working. Well now it works. (Thank you W.M.), and I have a greater appreciation for soldering, and heat, and don't have the desire to ever get burned!

I looked outside to see what the goombahs were up to.....

Apparently we miss the snow hills? I didn't get the pics of all three of them in the wagon on the steeper hills - but they were worn out when they came in!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the wagon pictures! That is awesome and something my kids would do!