Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilters Accountability 7/28

I think ( okay I know) I missed a week in there - but I think the week just flew by!!

Good News - The kids got their fair quilts in in time, and they were judged and are now hanging at the fair. So we will head over on Saturday and see how they did. I attended the judging and helped get the quilts to the judges. It was quite interesting to hear what they said, and how they chose certain quilts over others.

We took a few mini trips this last week and one was to the zoo - It was quite fun, the clouds came out about 11am and really cooled it off. Made it pleasant to stay there for a while.This painting was made by the Asian Elephants in the zoo, I believe they are quite artistic.

The bears were our favorites - they were very active and swimming, walking and climbing. We probably spent the most time there.

This one talked as well. I don't speak bear - but I think he was telling me to get back to quilting. Or maybe feed my kids, or maybe he was just grumbly.... been there.

Now I need to set some goals here and see what I can do. My machine has been out of commission for a few days because a jammed a switch ( in the longarm) so the switch arrived, and now when Wrangler Man gets back I am going to let him fix it. They said it takes a solder iron.

My goals for next week:
  1. Put the Borders on My Green and Black floral quilt. ( I did manage to buy the fabrics remember?)
  2. Make a backing for the wildlife quilt and get it prepped to quilt in the near future - okay at least by the end of this year!!
That's about all I can handle. We will have some long outside days this week. The State Swim meet in is Golden - so one of us is taking swimmer boy. I volunteered - you know the Quilt Museum is in Golden.... I hope to get a two-fer ( swimming and quilting).

To join in ( it is never to late) and to see what others are doing go to 

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Anonymous said...

What fun the zoo must have been! My kids have been after me to take them and we just haven't gotten around to it. Your zoo must be quite a bit bigger than ours. Is that the Denver zoo?

I didn't know Golden had a quilt museum. How cool is that! I would have volunteered also....

I think you are busy enough for this week. Can't wait to see how the boys did with their quilts!

BTW, I still can't post under my Wordpress ID, but I can post using my Google account. Oh well.....