Monday, July 19, 2010

Firehouse Quilt Show Judging

On Friday morning the boys and I loaded up and headed south to the Firehouse Quilt Show - to be a celebrity judge. I am still a little worried about the celebrity status tho - I have to say, it was nice to be among the first to look at the quilts.

As we arrived we ran into ( not literally - cuz we could have hurt her) none other that Vicki A of Machine Quilting Unlimited. ( - She was also a celebrity. But her celebrity status I can understand. **BTW she told me they are offering a huge sale for new customers - so if you do not subscribe to this magazine , you should go check it out***

Back to the show:
Here was my first problem .... there was more than ONE quilt!!! How in the world do the real judges EVER pick a favorite? Each quilt I saw I would say - Oh I like that one! Oh and that one... so much so that the boys told me to be quiet. I was ruining their thinking> 

And then there were lots of categories, and lots of quilts in those categories, and it took me forever just to look at the number of quilts there.... and then I saw they had fabrics for sale - Excuse me.... I did not see anything for sale right????

The Winner

We perservered, we looked quite a few times, and then we picked a winner. It was a smaller quilt made by a gentleman. I read his card after choosing his quilt, and saw the he had Macular degeneration, and had put a magnifing glass on his machine so he could sew. How awesome is that? On a side note, my grandfather in law, and a gal I went to High school with both have this macular disease.

I then bribed my children and took them to the Olive Garden. And Ms Vicki joined us. Good thing - she kept the boys in line for me, so I could concentrate on my food!! ( Gluten free of course!)

I loved this one too -the colors were just my style!

This was another favorite. My middle son was in charge of the photography.

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