Sunday, July 18, 2010

A mini Quilt show for you

I have some more great Quilts of Valor that have arrived for you to look at. I thought maybe some of you were looking for some inspiration, or maybe a chance to sit down and rest. I am all for the rest part today. Seems like when you get up every weekday morning at 5am, its too hard to sleep in on the weekends! At least today I tried, but alas - not happenin'
So the first 4 Quilts of Valor that I am showing you today come from the First Lutheran Quilters in Ault CO.

These Ladies meet monthly and sew at the church. They make quite a lot of quilts for various causes.

The next three Quilts of Valor come from Rona in MO. Her quilts were peiced from her stash, and the backing was donated from Machine Quilters Exposition . Her husband was a Navy Seabee, and this is her way of saying thanks to those that are in the services now. Thanks Rona!!

If you will notice - the first two are Not So Top Secret Projects ( pattern can be found in the side bar) and the third one is made with some leftover blocks and other blocks she created.

And the last four quilts for todays quilt show are from the Northwest Surbaban Quilt Guild in Arlington Heights IL. This group is AMAZINGLY prolific!!!

And that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed seeing what all these marvelous quilters have made. And maybe got a little inspiration and relaxation too!!!

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Lori said...

Great Quilts!