Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Other House

I have been accused of doing nothing around here - so I thought I would show you some  pictures of things that happen. Oh - are they not pictures of me working??? Huh??? That just means I am smart and hold a camera so I simply can't hold a hammer for very long......
A long time ago, prior to building our house, we lived in a mobile home, that was wonderful until my maternity clothing business took off, and I had 6 employees, a dog, and almost 2 children in a 700 sq ft space. So Wrangler Man and his crew ( oh that was me and a 2 year old boy) built on to the mobile home. Then Said home was moved out, and we had "the other house" with 2 door holes in it. So over the weekend - since the in laws were here - we re paneled the side and now have NO holes!!
I did this panel, and the oldest turkey wanted to do the high stuff! Far be it from me to argue over the ladder..... it was ALL his!!
Little Turkey just plumb wore himself out.... and had to keep the tractor company!

This is my gratuitous shot for Judy L - she likes landscapes - so this is the view from the other house going east. It used to have stairs, and my car parked there. But I was allowed to move my car to the new house.


marilyn said...

Sure is pretty! I'll be joining you in Beautiful Colorado in 2 weeks to visit with my parents and sister's family. My mom's uncle is coming from Germany. Should be a great trip! They are in Parker, not too far from you I think.

Lori said...

The clouds look like Marshmellows!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great landscape! It almost looks too good to be true! lol