Friday, July 16, 2010

Quilters Accountability ( late)

These were my goals for last week, and just so you know - I am not late!!  In my mind it is still Wednesday - except that I am heading over to the quilt show in a little bit that I know doesn't start till Friday...

So On Wednesday How did I do?

Finish Quilt that needs black borders ( and obviously a name) Well, I found the fabric that I want to use as a border, and it is all ironed and laying right over the quilt top.... sort of progress I hope!

Quilt Remembering George Quilt ( Judy L's pattern) Totally Done!!! And I have even cut the fabric for the binding, and I have decided that I CAN NOT take a finished picture until the binding is on!! Torture I tell ya - pure torture!

Work on Stalled out Quilt #2 ( We will call it Wildlife - for lack of a better name)  The top is DONE!!! Whoo Hoo - It went to gether so fast, I am impressed. But I am sad to say that I stalled out on it right after cutting it out - such a dork!

When I was grocery shopping I saw a Gluten Free Bisquick! And I was so excited I got it, Strawberries and Whip cream - I haven't had a starwberry shortcake in TWO years. I was ecstatic!!It turned out VERY Yummy and even my two wheat eaters thought it was fabulous.

The boys are making progress on their Fair Quilts. I have no clue if they will make it on time - but they are certainly trying - when they are not doing all the other *stuff* that needs to be done. They keep saying - we should have started earlier. Wise words for munchkins!!
For next week :
  • Help the boys with there quilts.
  • Bind my Remembering George
  • Survive the heat!!
To see what other are up to - and who reported on time *ahem* go to:


Malinda said...

Hi Alycia,
I just found your blog and have read back about 2 months worth of posts. Wow, you sure are busy! Always good to meet another longarm quilter. I will be following your very ambitious progress. Maybe some of your energy will rub off on me!?!

Vicki W said...

Holy smokes, GF Bisquik! I gotta get to the store!