Monday, November 09, 2009

Quilts and More!

This beautiful Quilt of Valor comes from Margo S in Peyton CO. It is so lovely. The picture probably doesn't do it justice. Margo - Thank you SO much!! I have heard that more wounded are being moved in, so we will be ready when they are. Thank you all so much for making this possible!


I have been remiss is showing you our pumpkin carving success! Even though we were in a blizzard - Wrangler Man was able to bring home some pumpkins. This is quite significant due to the fact that the pumpkins that we grew were under 4 foot of snow!
Little Bit had a great time cleaning out the pumpkins - he was not afraid of the goo at all. But Middle Bit did not like the feel of it, so I got him some of my plastic gloves. Little Bit thought he should use them too then.
If you notice Middle pipsqueak is more concerned with trying to keep his gloves clean. Amazing - since he loves to squish mud, and playdoh and cookie dough....
Anyways here is one of our pumpkins shining in the night.

And just to prove that I don't play favorites - here is a picture of Big Bit and his dad. Their costumes were to be each other. I am
not sure who won.
Wrangler Man was awful excited to get more support for his Wyoming Cowboys though.


Lori said...

Go Cowboys!!!!!That was just for the boys. LOL ;)

Nancy said...

Oh yes, GO POKES!!

Anonymous said...

Love the family photos! What fun. We had a great time carving punkins also.