Monday, November 02, 2009


May I ask where the days have gone? The time change always messes me up! Now it is light in the morning when Wrangler Man does the chores, but dark in the evening for me.... is that fair? Well, I guess I could do them earlier...... ( but seriously - who asked me about this??)


This first quilt on the left was made by Marilyn in Ft Collins. Just up the road from me.... She and I met at the Rocky Mtn Quilt Show in Loveland and she made this Quilt of Valor for us! Its beautiful. Thanks Marilyn!!

The next two Quilts of Valor on the right were made by Meredith in California and then quilted by Ros in Colorado. She is over in the Real Cold Country. These quilts are awesome! Meredith must be a prolific quilter - because some more showed up from her!! ( So stay tuned) Thanks Ladies!!


You know what is really cool? All of the quilts look GOOD in my house. I love laying them over the furniture and pretending. Maybe someday when I play decorator I will know exactly what colors to use for a quilt in this room!


We belong to a small 4-H club in town. It has a lot of really young 4-H'ers in it. I love it. The kids are fun, the parents are pretty easy going. We have just finished our first year and are starting our second. Most times we try to find a community service project. This year we adopted 4 soldiers and packed up some care packages for them. It was quite fun. Every kid wrote a letter to the soldier, and we all shopped for some fun stuff and goodies.
These kids are excellent packers. I didn't have to rearrange anything in the boxes before we shipped them... the kids did an awesome job.

Hope you all have a great evening.


Stephanie D. said...

Great quilts, as usual!

And Kudos to the 4-H group for adopting soldiers! Will they get the boxes in time for Christmas?

Time change, whether spring or fall, really messes my body up for a week or so--especially the spring change. I don't know why they couldn't leave well enough alone.

Nancy said...

4-H is a great organization for kids: I remember almost all of the pledge. I need to look for my membership pins one of these days. Glad to see your group's service project is for the troops.

Great-looking quilts. It must be tremendous fun to see so many beautiful tops.

Lori in South Dakota said...

What a great community service project!