Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pillowcases, Emergency Suppies, and More Snow!

Pillowcases arrived in a huge packed box that was very very heavy to carry.... The Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo has been very very busy!!! Please note - this is not my backyard - mine is significantly whiter and muddier.... but I am willing to trade!!


In another box was a great stash of fabrics from Nancy in MA... plus a little box of emergency supplies. How did she know it would arrive just in time for the Blizzard of Oct 09? Wrangler Man wanted to know what he had to do to break into some of those emergency supplies.... I handed him a rotary cutter and a ruler!

In yet another wonderful box - some pillowcases from Susan in Loveland. I wonder if she got snowed in as well. I heard that the first part of the storm was worse in the West.

And Friday was another snow day. The blizzard left some pretty big drifts all around. I think that we could have made it to school if we had to. Since we got a call Thursday nite cancelling school we didn't even try. Instead we made snow forts and watched the snow melt. I mean MELT - it really did. The 4 ft drifts are about 18 inches now. On - what we call our lawn- the drifts are still pretty high, but I think that is because it catches everything.


Hope you all have a good weekend planned. Probably by the time Blogger lets me add my pictures the weekend will be over - but I will keep trying! ( whoo hoo only 8 hours later...)


Vicki W said...

At least you have all those colorful pillowcases to add color to all that white snow!

Nancy said...

While playing in the snow looks like a lot of fun, I am glad that it is melting.

Lori in South Dakota said...

you keep that snow there!!