Saturday, October 03, 2009

Time Management

I have always had an issue with time management. Not so much as managing the time, as trying to do more with it! But I have had a revelation - an epiphany of sorts.... OutSourcing, Contract Labor..... or even better: FREE labor!
You all may be aware of the many sew alongs, quilt alongs, Quilt for an hour, block drives, and exchanges on all sorts of lists and blogs. I want to do them ALL. But , alas, I cannot manage my time well enough to do them all and still get a little sleep, feed a few kids, do a little laundry and all those other "chores" that life makes us do. How come there is only 24 hours in a day... a Quilter did not plan this did they??>?
So I have turned to FREE labor - out sourcing! ( I highly recommend it!)
I really, really wanted to do the wonky log cabin blocks over at So, I got all my strips and squares out..... and took them into the 5th grade!!! We are making these blocks as our practice blocks, getting used to the machine blocks, and attempting to sew a straight seam blocks.
The coolest thing - the kids kind of automatically "wonk" them in their practice, so there is no need to "wonk" them on purpose!!!

We will add sashing to them and voila - another Quilt of Valor for our soldiers!
There is also a CFS class in the middle school. The 7th graders get to sew some neat projects, but they sewed too fast this last quarter. The teacher asked me what else she could teach that was quick.... umm. PILLOWCASES!!!
Here's the cool way this worked. She had 20 students that needed something extra to do, I had a Friend that said she wasn't able to make any quilts at the time - could she buy fabrics... she bought... are you ready for this 20 yards of a patriotic fabric! So the fabric has been cut and made into pillowcases... just like that! Quite possibly this is the fastest I have EVER used fabric!
What do you think of my outsourcing? Not a bad idea huh?
You'll have to come back and see how our wonky log cabin turns out!


Nancy said...

Great idea! It is a wonderful way for kids to learn skills and to help others at the same time - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Alycia! I love your I thought you were going into the slave labor thing with your own kids...LOL. Great way to teach the kids and to help others.

Brilliant and got so much done. You are incredible what you get done even WITHOUT outsourcing.



Excellent you can bring the joys of sewing to youngsters. Heed my motto: "Housework is Evil!"