Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Sherrill in Texas

These quilts came all the way from Texas and didn't bring an ounce of sunshine with them!! Good thing they are bright and sunny, and will bring some sunshine to a wounded soldier!!
Seriously - I am thinking of getting under all of them... its cold here today! And its kind of snowy -ish rainy-ish!
Back to the quilt - aren't they impressive?
This first one was made by Sherrill. Really really neat,
The other three - 2 of them came from her church group, and one from a bee in her guild. Thanks for spreading the word Sherrill!!

Thanks for the suggestions so far on my QOV Sew Along Quilt of Valor. I really really do appreciate them. Sometimes I don't have an opinion about something ( rare I know) but I sure appreciate you taking the time to tell me yours. We are keeping track of what they say and then the boys say we will have to choose one.....
Have a GREAT Day - don't get cold!

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Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts from all the ladies in Texas!

Rain here yesterday, but the sun is shining today. Keep the snow, I've had my share here.