Thursday, October 01, 2009

From Meredith in California

Meredith is MY kind of fabric shopper! Check out the color combinations on these Quilts of Valor! Aren't they awesome?
Thank you Meredith for sending these our way!
And I have to be honest - anyone who purchases fabric is my kind of shopper!
We are starting to get some winter weather coming our way. My folks even had snow this morning. I am thinking that it may be time to turn the heater on, or add more quilts!


Mary said...

It was rainy here today and cool and I almost turned on the fireplace just to take the chill off but decided to work on a binding instead which kept me warm.

Love the string quilts as well as all the other ones coming in - I have a couple here needing binding and a top that came in the other day that will make their way to you when they're done and after I show them off at a talk I'm giving to a local guild in November.

The letters were wonderful, thanks for sharing them.

Kathie said...

Loved these color combinations.


Nancy said...

I turned a heater on last night for about an hour to cut the chill in the house a bit, and yes, I added a quilt to the bed clothes.

This morning the sprinklers came on and left icicles on the deck. Oh yeah, autumn is here.

Lori in South Dakota said...

its rainy and blustery, and yes, I have the heat on!