Wednesday, September 30, 2009

String Quilts

I love string quilts! I like the randomness and the ability to use all size of pieces of fabrics. My friend Cheryl - she is getting into string quilts. She is not quite into uneven strips.... but she will get there.. I'll keep giving her grief, but probably not as much as she gives me about my inability to bind quilts!
This first string quilt is from Cheryl in Eaton. She is a wonderful person and I sure appreciate her!

This next quilt is from my Heartstrings group. I am not sure who made the blocks, but I think Sue in MN pieced the blocks into a top, and Sheree provided the backing, and I did the quilting. My middle son just fell in love with this top when I opened the package so he said we had to quilt it RIGHT away. I will not argue with him, someday I will be asking to live in his house, and he may remember this moment (grin)
And yes - the ladder was up because the Fire Alarm started going off - every 25 seconds. How do I know this? I counted from 1am to 5am... I was not happy. Turns out the alarm in my 8yo's room had a dead battery, but EVERY alarm in the house had to beep. Again - Not Happy! And then I am even more mad at myself - thinking, well why didn't I just get up and make use of the time?


Nancy said...

Both quilts are lovely, but I like the color combination of the second one.

It is nearly time to replace the batteries in all of my smoke detectors, too.

omashee aka Barb said...

Lovely quilts! I heart string quilts!

I had the same thing happen to me once while DH was overseas. It nearly drove me nuts! I got so mad at the alarm company, they were no help at all. I finally dismantled all the alarms and left it all hanging out for DH when he returned. (steam coming out of my ears!!!)

Live and learn!