Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilt of Valor Sew Along - The Layout

So - are you ready? Did I keep you waiting long enough? Do you recognize the quilt yet?
The Layout!!

You should have 121 blocks total. You probably didn't know you made that many blocks did you? I sure didn't. I mean, I did, but I didn't really "get it". But I love it!

Remember way back this summer - when I was trying to do quilts on point? Well this one jumped out at me, because it is NOT on point, but gives that look. I really thought I wanted to try it. So - thanks for joining me! It helps to know that others are waiting on you to get things done. Maybe I should try cleaning the house that way? Nah - not as much fun!

Your layout will be 11 x 11 and you alternate a Triangle Block with a nine patch block.

Note that you rotate the triangle blocks to surround the 9 patch block, therefore alternating your dark and lights. Pictures tell the story better than words.


With this layout your final quilt will be 66 x 66. This is a great size for a Quilt of Valor. Without borders. And my boys really liked this look.
I don't like sewing in rows. I took 9 blocks at a time and sewed large 9 patches out of them. Then was able to put them together in sections. Some sections were only 6 blocks. It was easier for me to do this, less bulk to carry around from the floor to the machine.

**And Now Another Option**

But then, my youngest started playing with the blocks. He said - Mom I bet we could get 2 quilts out of all those blocks. Far be it from me to argue with him. Some day he will be bigger than me, then what will I do?

So he and I split them up and came up with 2 different quilts. The first one the layout is 8 x 10 which should be 48 x 60. So I told him that is not quite the size we need. He is picking out fabrics he thinks will make a great border. We thought about a small light 2 inch border, then a 5 inch darker border. The jury is still out.


The smaller quilt is 5 x 8 so 30 x 48. So this one will need a lot of borders. My goal is to get the quilts to a minimum of 54 x 64. He doesn't have a plan to get this one to size yet. One thing at a time mom. ( I see a boo boo in the little quilt layout - bottom row, 2nd from the left)


I am not going to tell you which layout or layouts we did. I want to surprise you. But I wanted to give you both options - as I was impressed that Little Bit was even paying attention.


**************THE GIVEAWAY****************

I promised you a great giveaway. There are Two!
The first one is easy!!
Leave a comment before Thursday September 17th at 9pm and the kids will pick a number on Friday to announce the winner. If you are set to no reply on your blogs BE SURE TO CHECK BACK as I have no way to contact you!!
The Prize: a $25 gift certificate at Luana was one of the very first contributors of fabric to our Quilt of Valor project 5 years ago. Plus she has everything in her shop. You can't lose!

The second one:
Well - this takes a little more thought (on my part).

I want you to guess who the pattern designer of this quilt it. BUT I don't want you to post it in the comments cuz then everyone can read your guess and well - its like cheating on a math test!! SO:

The Prize: A quilting book. An AWESOME quilting book by the very author of this quilt pattern. So you see the reason for the secrecy.
How to win it:
WITH: The pattern name or the pattern designer in it. And an email to be able to contact you should you be the lucky winner.
We will take all the correct answers and draw a name out to choose the winner. Again send the email before Thursday September 17th at 9pm and a name will be drawn Friday.
Any questions?
Have a fun day working!!

~I would love it if you want to send me a picture of your quilt. I would love to post them on my blog or link back to your blogs to see what you came up with.


Denise V said...

hee hee. I'm with your son, and had already split my blocks up to make 2 quilts. I thought I was cheating, but I'm glad this is an "Alycia Approved" layout. :)

Someday I will be sending these to you, along with the NSTS2 and pillowcases. --Hopefully before the end of the year, but you know how it gets around holiday time.

thanks again for hosting such fun --and giveaways too! you're the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alycia,
As a former math teacher, I've got to say that your son is learning math and geometry the fun way by quilting!

Jeanne said...

I really like the layout! Of course, I haven't started mine yet, but I have the steps all ready to go. VBG

Heather said...

I like the idea of alternating hourglass blocks to make the quilt look like it is set on point! I'll have to play with sometime.

Becky said...

i'm way behind on this one-but it will get done eventually! Thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Alycia! I love it and the "cheating" to get it to look on-point!

Can't wait to start mine!

Bari B

Pat said...

Another great quilt!

Gwen said...

Your layouts are great and which ever
one you decide on will be fantastic. Thanks for all the time and effort you
put in to the QOV, it is really appreciated.

Kathy F said...

Thanks Alycia for the 'quilt a long' I'm quite a bit behind, but intend to keep working on it slowly but surely. - Kathy F.

Brenda said...

I am having lots of fun with the quilt. I still have the 9 blocks to do and hope to have done soon. Thanks

Joyce in Nevada said...

I really like quilts that look on point but aren't---lot easier to work on.

Sherrill said...

OK, I'll bite for the first giveaway but have no clue as to the designer so will skip the second! LOL Thanks Alycia, I LIKE it and will HAVE to make one (not sure QOV will get that one, however!! YIKES!). Appreciate all you do.


omashee aka Barb said...

Alycia, I love this one! I have been gone (away from home and possibly my mind) so haven't gotten it started but now that I've seen it I can't wait to start.
Love the on-point look!
Please add me to your drawing.

Polly said...

I love the layout. Thanks for doing this pattern for us.

Exuberant Color said...

equilter is one of my favorite places to shop and they are so generous with their donations to many places.

carobinson854 said...

This is my first time to visit your site and I love the QOV! I, too, like the look of on-point without the actual technique. Great job and love your site!

Lynn W. said...

Just found your Blog -- I'm a proud QOV piecer with a 30-yr. USAF vet husband. I'm loving everything on your blog so far.


Polly said...

I wanted to make a comment on what June Moore said. When my youngest son was in 5th grade, he had a teacher's asst. who was working on her masters and was giving IQ tests to some of the students for part of her school work. After giving her permission, she tested my son. She was very surprised at how quick my son could do the part of the test where you use blocks and replicate a picture. The blocks had half square triangles on them. I started laughing and she wondering what I thought was funny. I told her he had been checking my quilt blocks for years and that was all her block test was. So yes, we are educating our youngsters with our quilting in a fun way. He loved to catch me with one patch turned sideways so checked them well. Polly