Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Kids Creation

My Mom and Dad taught the Wednesday Night Kids church and for their art project they colored blocks. Two of the ladies then sewed them into this top - and now I quilted it. The kids did a great job.
Each kid signed their block and included thier age on it. I thought that was really neat, that way the soldiers can know that even the littlest ones care about them.
Hope you all are having a good one. Did you know that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend? Any exciting plans? Wrangler man says we are pulling weeds.... I wonder if a Quilt Shop could call to me again?? I could leave at precisely the time he decides to make me work ;-)


Nancy said...

This quilt is going to melt hearts!

swooze said...

What's your number?? I will call you at the appointed time for an urgent errand you must run precisely at that moment!! ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

That quilt is so wonderful!

Grace said...

Hi Alycia, these blocks are lovely and a wonderful idea. May I ask what did the kids use to draw with? Are they crayons? are they washable? Thanks.