Thursday, September 03, 2009

When does it become a UFO?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time cutting Fat Quarters, Ironing FQ's and preparing for the 5th grade Quilt of Valor project. Of course, as I was doing this I had a little bit of time to think.
And then I read JudyL's post
And then Bari started doing this in her Quilt Room:
It got me to thinking - do I have clear goals? Did I have a plan for the year for my personal quilting? Hmm.... went back and looked at my new years post. Not really. My big goal was to not buy fabrics that didn't have a purpose. So other than the 2 quilt kits - I did pretty good so far.
Which leads to my question. I bought those 2 quilt kits with the goal of making them. And so far I have just looked at them. But I have them right next to my sewing table. They are "next" in line. But sometimes other quilts crowd the line. And I am really trying to be a One Quilt at a time woman. Although....
So - when do those 2 quilt kits become UFO's .. and what is the time limit on getting them done? And how do you keep up with all the want to makes, versus already making, versus the need to finish?
I guess I will get back to ironing. All the philosophy hurts my head (grin)


LizA. said...

If they're still kits, and you haven't started them yet then they don't qualify as UFO's. They have to be started to be a UFO. I should know, I think I'm the queen of UFO's.

Sharon T in Lynden said...

Alycia, what does it matter? Unless you feel pressure on your own, be happy to let those things marinate. Do we count everything else we deal with? Do you count the items of clothing to put in the wash? The dishes to be done? The weeds to be pulled? just enjoy your time you have to sew and let go of any pressure.....JMHO

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Alycia! You, the queen of getting EVERYTHING done! I don't know how you do it...with the kids, the QOV, everything....

I would not worry about those two little kits. Consider them future insurance that you won't run out of things to do this year.

Now you have ME thinking aobut my goals.....

But I would be happy to come clean your sewing space - VBG!


Denise V said...

Let's call your kits "purchased plans" at this point. :)

And once you start them they will be works in progress (WIPs).

Then, only after abandoning it for some time, you can shamefully (or proudly!) call them UFO's.

Elaine Adair said...

Kit? Maybe you enjoy the process of planning it out, instead of having it planned for you? I have NEVER bought a kit, and also wondered, "Hey, why don't I?"

Just my meandering mind, also wondering ...