Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Lucky Day

Yesterday turned out to be a great day. I had not expected it to be bad, so should not be surprised... but it was better than I thought it would be.
First I was invited to a luncheon from a Foundation in town. The lunch was to recognize all the ways the Foundation has contributed to the community over the past year. But it was also to recognize a great volunteer. Col. (ret) Cass. He has worked tirelessly organizing Honor Flight in Northern Colorado. He will be heading his third FULL flight of WWII veterans from Colorado to Washington to see the WWII monument. But better yet, his wife.. she's a quilter - and my friend!!
Then the foundation decided to do a special deal - and I ended up being the recipient of $100 to go towards Quilts of Valor at the School. Very lucky day indeed!
But it didn't end there. In the evening I met with a bunch of Quilters from my guild - and we ate and bound quilts... get this .. are you ready... 11 Quilts were bound E.Le.ven. Shew!! That was cool. I used to call my group the Greeley Gals - but we had a male join us - so now I think we shall be the Binding Buddies! He got 2 done . So we need him!!! Plus he brought Fritos.

Now I am recovering from all that excitement.

Yesterday I tried to show you this sunset - cuz we all thought it was cool - but I couldn't get it to upload - so I will share it with you today.

Have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome and incredible day, Alycia! Way to go, and sounds like your guy is a keeper!


Cheryl Willis said...

I have church frinds that have a gourp called S.O.S (senior older sisters) when they had a gentleman join they told him he could be the brother- he' guessed it- the S.O.B

seriously they are still the SOS, they just call themselves Senior Older Servants now.

love the sense of humor. cw

Lindah said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful day.
The sunset pic is gorgeous. Don't get too many of those out here with our sunny CA skies.

Elaine Adair said...

People who usually EXPECT to have tood days usually DO have good days. mmmm - something about having a positive spirit. 8-)

Hope today is another one.