Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Team Effort

This Beautiful Quilt of Valor came from Illinois. The fabrics were donated by Jan in MI. The top was pieced by Alberta in IL, and it was quilted by Diane in IL. I LOVE team efforts!!
Ladies - Thank you so much!!
Yesterday was Quilt A Fair ( I think it is today too) and I was able to head down to it. My friend Rosalie and I were hospitality for 2 hours, which entailed pushing a drink cart around to the vendors. Normally - I think this would be work, but this time I called it shopping. I found all sorts of great things I had to have!! At 2 vendors - they put my "stuff" under the desk so I could come back and get it after my shift was over. I even got myself adopted into one family... now if they will only remember me at Christmas time ( giggle)
One was an adorable quilt pattern. Now I just need to make it, but for the time being I sure am enjoying looking at the pattern and pretending the finished quilt it mine.
Here is a cool video to check out too - about a busy gal in California making Quilts of Valor.


Denise V said...

that is a beautiful quilt! I love quilts with black in them.

the book arrived safely yesterday. thanks again!!!

Stephanie D. said...

That is such a cheerful, colorful quilt--it just begs to be snuggled under!