Friday, June 05, 2009

It's Finally Friday

Although it feels like Thursday to me.... ;-)
These first two quilts were sent to me by Lisa in TX. But... they were made by 7 year old Rebekkah and her Grandma Sara. I have to say that Rebekkah and I share the same taste in Fabrics. These are just cute quilts!! The Pig Fabric is just funny, and the horses are wonderful!
Thanks Sara and Rebekkah!!

The next two quilts were quilted by Liz D in Broomfield Co - on her Statler Stitcher! The Rail fence was made by Audrey in Co and the other was from Heartstrings. I included a picture of the backing so you can click on it and get a close up - I loved the pattern.

This quilt to the left was quilted by Wavalene W. She did feathers thru the blues and they look awesome on this quilt.

And the last quilt came from Texas by an anonymous quilter. But is sure is wonderful!

We were supposed to have tornados and rotten weather last night. We even got a call from the weather service to be on the lookout. Needless to say when the first black cloud arrived I got the dog and everyone inside. Nothing happened. Best dissappointment of my life! We got some lightening and Thunder late in the evening, but I could handle that. I assumed that we would be tucked up in our little tornado cubby.... but no. I appreciated the call - and was glad that nothing came of it!

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Nicole and Phil said...

as usual great quilts from all your helpers!
Thanks for sharing!