Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I have been replaced!

It has been raining all day. Swim Practice was cancelled so the boys thought they would work on their quilts for 4-H. They sort of commandeered my sewing machine. You all probably don't know this - but I don't share well. I do share - I just don't always do it well.... but I gave up my machine for the day.
Little bit watched big bit for awhile. I think he was actually making sure big brother was doing it right - as he has 2 whole quilts under his belt already. He finished 3 blocks.
Then Middle bit took over. He got 2 of his blocks done.
After heading to shooting practice ( they do archery) and getting rained out we came back - and Little bit finally got to the machine. He finished one block before bedtime... not bad for a rainy day. Although I did NOT finish anything of my own....
Maybe tomorrow?? They are kind of on a deadline - these quilts need to be done by July!!


Now let me show you some Gorgeous Quilts of Valor!! These Three came from Carolyn J in PA. The fabrics are wonderful.

I love the Dissappearing 9 Patches. They all turn out so differently... these color combinations are great! Thank you so much Carolyn.

Is anyone a fan of The Beverly Hillbillies? We found a lunchbox that had 2 DVD's in it at the grocery store of all places, and I picked it up. So far we think they are quite funny!
Have a great evening!!


D Stewart, Florida said...

Have you considered getting more than one machine? ;p I don't share well either so I got DH one of his own. Well, several now since he's decided he likes playing with vintage machines. Your boys are adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the boys sewing! That is wonderful! Consider checking Craigslist or garage sales for a used one...I found a New Home in great condition like the one I used to use for $10 (that was before DH bought me a Pfaff). That way at least two of them can sew at once....

I haven't had time to post it yet, but I have photos of Nikki quilting on my Gammill. It is SO cute - she's only 4, so has to stand on a chair to reach....

It is wonderful what you are doing with your kids!