Monday, June 15, 2009

Not so Top Secret Project Two Part 3

Are you ready for Step 3? Please Remember - this is set on point because that is a challenge for me. Well Sewing straight is also a challenge some times - but I won't always admit that!


So we need setting Triangles. I used all the same fabrics and used 7/8 of a yard of red.

*First cut 3 ~12 1/2 inch squares of red. Sub cut them into 2 diagonals. ( Picture the square with a cut where the ruler is, and then a cut going the other way diagonally)
* Next cut 2 ~6 1/2 inch squares. Cut them once on the diagonal. These will be your 4 end caps.

So, because on point gets me sometimes I went and layed the first row out - so I could visualize. I will tell you how I did it, and immediately you all will figure out 7 bazillion ways to do it better. Please share if you do!
*First I layed out one of the endcaps pieces.

*Then I layed out the second row.
One setting triangle, one post, one 16 patch, one post, one setting triangle. I took that row to the sewing maching and sewed it up.
When sewing the setting triangle to the post, look at the picture - that is how I matched the ends and sewed. See how the bottom pieces line up? Match them that way ( trust me, it works)

I continued on and layed out the second row - blogger put it upside down, but the layout is the same.

I continued sewing the first three rows, and then I needed another piece. I needed a setting triangle with a post sewed to it. So I layed the setting triangle out where it needed to go, and layed the post on top of it. This way I couldn't get the post in the wrong place.
This picture the top is the 3 blocks, and I am working down from right to left ( so look at the picture a little sideways) ( Blogger is annoying me - I can NOT change it!!)
This picture shows how I lined the post up with the setting triangle. Then I layed this piece out with the rest of the row and kept going.

Remember I told you that one 2 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch piece would have 2 red squares sewn to it. This is where that piece comes in. You sew it to one of the 6 1/2 inch half triangle end caps. Here is how I did it. I put a pin in the center of the end cap, and a pin in the center of the post then matched the pins and sewed.

And this... it is the center of the top. We will add borders next - and you will still need your 2 1/2 inch strip box.
Please please please - if I missed something or said it wrong please tell me. I did a lot of laying out of pieces and thought it looked right - but sometimes the words don't come out properly. I really had fun trying to figure it out - and have a lot of respect for people who can "see" the on point layouts so easily!!
~Oh My center of the top measured 44 x 59 so far.


Jessica said...

Look at you go, girl! On point WITH sashings!! I can't "see" the on point layouts either. I'm so intimidated by them that I've never even tried one yet!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great Alycia... and the text made perfect sense.

Nancy said...

This is going to be an attractive quilt. Nice Job!

I've enjoyed reading your blog: especially about your husband's Wyoming roots. (I live near Thermopolis and have visited the Natural Bridge on road trips.)

Lori in South Dakota said...

Woohoo-I like it!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I've been "good" by working on other projects to get them finished. However, a few fun projects have me itching to dig into the scraps and stash---THIS ONE INCLUDED!
Okay....time it get on the machine....
so many projects.....and not NEAR ENOUGH TIME!

Denise said...

Alycia!! My friend! I have been wanting to do a quilt on point!!! I'm so stoked!!

ok, I'll stop with all the exclamation marks now. :)

I might have to buy some more red fabric. The only ones I have with more than 3/4 yd are already "spoken for" for other projects. :(

Denise said...

on second thought, I'm empowering myself to use black instead of red for the setting triangles.

whoo weee, I'm a wild one.

thanks again for offering up such a fun project for us!

SewCalGal said...

I've always loved this quilt pattern, but have never made one. You certainly have me motivated to give it a try.

Your color choices are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.