Monday, June 29, 2009

Answering the call

I recieved a call asking for more quilts for another group of soldiers. So we loaded up and headed out. Do you know how cool this is - to just be able to load up and go? Knowing that I have enough quilts for each soldier that needed one. And that there was no worrying if I would have enough? No staying up late to finish that last one? I am wondering if I have Thanked you all Enough - that you helped make this happen?

We started giving quilts out as the soldiers were standing in formation. One soldier said No thank you. - This has never happened before, so I said are you sure? And he said Yes - I have enough stuff.
We continued to hand out quilts until the Sargeant hollered " Att ten SHUN!" and we ran back to the front. They did their formation drills, and then asked me to speak to the men. So I did. I told them about the people who made these Quilts. That they were Quilts of Valor, and what a Quilt of Valor meant. I explained that they were to be used, and to be a hug to them,a hug that we could not physically give to them.
I then pulled out this service Star quilt( to the right). I said that all of these quilts have a lot of thought put into them, into the colors and the patterns - all with the hope that the soldier recieving it will just love it. I gave a little history of the service star and then presented this quilt to a special soldier.

They were told that if they hadn't recieved their quilt yet to come see me. I went back over to that soldier and said - are you sure you don't want a quilt? And he said - "Yes I would. I thought they were some cheap thing - those are beautiful and I would defineatly USE it." So we fixed him up right away.
He did not want his picture taken but told me I could get him in formation. Then he approved the photo. He is the foot with the word "Here" on it *grin*
Although you can not see him - you can see some of the rest of the formation. And I can guarantee you he was really smiling as he walked away. And I really wanted to share this with you. I wanted you all to know how much these really are appreciated, and how much the soldiers "want" them. They are so appreciative that we are thinking of them. Many of them tell me that they can not believe that someone would make something so nice for them.
And this last guy - he was a smiler! He posed for me with the picture on the outside so we could see what quilt he got. He told me to pass on a Big Thank you to the maker of this quilt.... so Maker - Thank you!!

Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alycia for sharing. Makes me want to be able to sew faster.
Nancy L

Library Lady said...

Alycia - Thanks for sharing this story. It's nice to hear that all of the good thoughts that go into the making of the quilts are understood and appreciated.

Stephanie D. said...

How very awesome, Alycia! I'm so glad you got the opportunity to explain all about the quilts to the soldiers, especially the reluctant one.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing the photos and the story behind them.

Bless you and all of the others who make the QOV. You are all angels.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing more quilt presentations with us. I just knew there would be a need for all the quilts down the line...never doubted for a moment that each and every quilt will eventually find it's way to a soldier.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Alycia, thanks for posting about your most recent delivery. I had a feeling you would be making a delivery around July 4th!

It is so wonderful to know that the soldiers are appreciative and know that lots of love went into the making of all these quilts. You and all the quilters making these quilts are doing an awesome thing.

Susan D said...

Thank you Alycia. I wonder how many you gave out this time. So glad you had plenty. Sounds like your supply needs replenishing?

Peggy said...


Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sorry I did not get to participate but call on me for more. Our church Military Ministry had a call out todeay to pray hard for Iraq and Afganistan as things are really heating up especially for the southern area of Afganistan Marines. Thanks again for your devotion.


Nikki said...

Thanks so much for sharing. This brought a lump to my throat. Hopefully soon I will have a quilt on its way to you also.

Nikki in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful sight. Looks a little familiar. I am sure you had shivers as you passed them out.

omashee aka Barb said...

Thanks Alycia, I'm so pleased to hear about this awesome presentation. Wish I could've been there. You do a wonderful service to honor our service people and our quilts.

Jeanne said...

It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when I read about your distributions of the QOV quilts. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

That sure brings a tear to this ole' eye and a lump to the throat.

What an amazing story. Love the ending!


Anonymous said...

Alycia it is so wonderful to get your reports on quilt deliveries. The story of the soldier who at first didn't want a quilt really had me tearing up!

Thanks so much for what you are doing!