Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Birthday Party

My oldest son had a birthday. If I had my way it would have been his 5th birthday, but Noooo he had to turn 14! So he invited some friends out and we had a shooting party. ( so if you don't like guns don't read this part)
We have a little target range on the other side of our arena. It shoots into a 30 foot bank of dirt, so the whole world is protected. Of course there is nothing behind the bank of dirt for 30 miles...
We have a table set up to keep all the stuff - so here's the guys. They have to shoot from behind the table.

Here they are checking the targets.

The smile on my sons face made it all worth it.

We said the party would last till 8 so we could all eat dinner, but imagine our surprise when all the guys wanted to stay out and shoot until dusk ( which is 8 around here) instead of eating! All the kids had their Dad's here, so we knew we didn't need to call and get permission for them to stay later. So about 10 pm I started shooing folks out ( grin) I had to get up at 5:30 to get moving for a swim meet.
We made it to the swim meet on time - it lasted till 3 pm, we all came home, did chores and crashed. What a way to go!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Alycia, how fun! That would be a perfect birthday party around here! I bet ALL the "boys" enjoyed it (including the grown ones)!


omashee aka Barb said...

HB to your DS! What a wonderful B party & with their dads too! Just what my guys would caal a perfect day. Barb