Saturday, June 27, 2009

Calico Country Quilters

They must have worked hard!!! Here are 5 more quilts from Judith and the Calico Country Quilters. They are in Illinois!
I love how the same pattern can turn out so differently. The previous post had 4 dissappearing 9 patches, and this one has a few more. None of the look the same.
On our home front we have been running like crazy. Thunderstorms seem to pop up evry afternoon and bring crazy weather. I get a lot nervous and turn everything off.

A couple of years ago lightening struck one of our electric fences near the house and shredded the fences. So I figure it can do some severe Damage to my electronics.

We had a swim meet Thursday evening. Well it was supposed to start at 4 - which mean you have to get there at 3, and just as the warm ups were done the clouds got black. Good thing it was at the country club. They have a parking area for the golf carts - except we all decided to run in their to take cover.

After the rain we tried again - got the relays done and a huge downpour moved in. So the postponed the rest of the meet.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a great day!
I am heading back down to quilt - until the next round of storms moves in!!


Nancy said...

Great quilts. Kudos to the Calico Country Quilters!

Lots of thunder storms moving through my area, as well. I, too, unplug the computer, etc. I welcome the moisture but dread the lightning.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

As always, what lovely eye-candy you show us. Are you as amazed as I am at how many quilts come your way for QOV? I can't even imagine what those deployments were like--a whole TRUCK-LOAD of quilts! Wow!

We finally had some rain yesterday and are in need of some more. It is almost July, and we have YET to have a storm! This must be a first.

I love seeing all the quilts, but also enjoy reading about your family---thanks for sharing!