Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Quilts of Valor from Meredith

All four of these quilts were made by Meredith in California, but she shared the quilting blessing around! The first two were quilted by Dorothy H.
That piano key border on the first quilt really struck my fancy - perfect border to the quilt!

The next two were also made by Meredith and quilted by Sandy V. Beautiful!!

Thanks so much ladies. These are just wonderful.
And today was a great day for us. 2 of my 3 kiddos did not have school, so we got to mess around a bit. We quilted some, cleaned rooms some, raced a little bit, and then... I found myself with a free evening. I usually take my kids to swim practice. The oldest swims till 9pm, and he didn't need me to drive tonite.
With the time on my hands - I got to play with some of my fabrics. New ones! They were a gift from some very sweet friends, and I cut them up!!! It was awesome - and when I finally take pictures you are going to laugh at the colors....

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