Monday, September 28, 2009

From New Jersey and the Virgin Islands

I have two new sisters that I have adopted, and after today I am adopting their mother as well. So let me introduce you to my new family. Sandi and Karen are the Sisters, Agnes is the mother. Sandi and Karen get together a couple of times a year to quilt and sew and I am going to assume do a little bit of goofing off. Since they are now related to me, I might have passed that part on to them. Sandi lives in NJ and Karen in The V.I. - she needs me to visit right? Probably in the dead of winter here!
So I get a package from them and it has this absolutely beautiful finished Quilt of Valor, a couple of adorable patterns - all lap sized - and fabrics to play with.
I am also adopting their mother. She sent me TWO boxes of Quilt tops and backings - I am going to have no excuse to goof around anymore!! I must tie myself to the quilting machine.... it will be tough I tell you, maybe I shall get more chocolate!

Now - from this picture can you guess what happened at 1 am at our house? The guy at the top is little bit, and wrangler man is holding the ladder.


Anonymous said...

Based on the last picture and the time of day I would guess the battery died on the smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector. I hate when that happens -- because in our house it is hard to figure out which one is beeping.

Denise V said...

yep, gotta be the smoke detector going off because that ONLY happens when everyone is fast asleep.