Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quilts for a Sunday

These first three quilts on the right were all Made by Kathy in WI. They are gorgeous!!! And the two of them are string quilts, but the top on doesn't look like it at first. Took me a moment!
Kathy - Thank you SO much for your hard work. I sure appreciate it!!!

This Not So Top Secret project quilt on the left was made by Cindy P in ME. I gotta tell you, it just tickles me to see the way they can all be so different. Cindy - Thank You!!

Next is a Friendship Star type quilt from Kathryn in MA. I like the way she used the color and the white - it is quite striking! Thank you Kathi for contributing this quilt!!

And last - a string quilt from Sue, quilted by Janet - both in Heartstrings. Sue has her own blog over at if you feel like checking it out. She is up to a new project.
Today has been a long but lazy day. We taught in the 4th grade at church, and I think all the kids came sugared up. They were great - but the don't stop.... The 4th graders move up to the 5th grade class next week, so we got to go check it out, and they had JUST AS MUCH ENERGY..... need more caffiene if we make that a regular thing!
Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend. Ladies - Thank you for your Quilts of Valor!!

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swooze said...

20 questions time....

Did you take a pic of the pile before you started distributing?

Does the chaplain say I need x quilts and you take that many or did you somehow deliver 700 quilts at once?

Ok so only 2....what's the next goal??