Thursday, August 06, 2009

Its Starting Again (yay)

Seriously folks - you have got to love being me!! I have been so blessed by all you quilters and your support of our Quilts of Valor - No Soldier Forgotten project... it just makes my day!
My son says - Mom its starting again huh? We have had packages delivered each day for the last 3 days. And I got to meet up with some Quilt Delivery angels. So last night was a photo session... be prepared! My LongArm Quilting angels have been working tirelessly over the summer too!
So the first quilt on the right. Can we say WOW? Was made by Gwen L of Denver, and quilted by Pat R of Peyton CO. Pat thank you - you did a beautiful job!!
The second quilt was made by Lou M of Keenesburg CO, and Quilted by Pat as well. Lou is a retired Vietnam Vet, and when she heard about what we were doing so just couldn't wait to make a quilt. Thank you ladies!

Next - Kerin in MO has been extremely busy! And in my computer move I have lost her email addy. I am sure it is in here somewhere.... but I think I need my kids to show me where they went! Anyways Kerin made these two Log Cabin beauties. They are wonderful.
And they came in these nifty bags that she made. She was wondering about them, so I asked the boys and WM what they thought - COOL was the response. So there you have it Kerin- they are winners!! I love them and the embroidery - nice touch!!

It is nice to be me! Tomorrow will be the first instructions on our QOV Sew Along, so don't forget to come back. Plus you will want to see the rest of the "packages" I recieved!!


omashee aka Barb said...

WOW! The quilts are outstanding! But the bag is gorgeous! Kudos to Karin!

Anonymous said...
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