Monday, August 03, 2009

Susan and Janet

This wonderful Heartstrings Quilt is made by Susan - of the Aprons for Afghanistan (
fame. She sent it on to Janet in CA - and she quilted it and bound it... and now it is ready for a soldier!
It is really striking. It got a lot of ohhs and ahhs in my family.
If you haven't checked out the Heartstrings group - head on over there.... This group = boy can they get the quilts done!!
This is my first post from my new computer, and new upgraded explorer.. and I tell ya, nothing is the same. Apparently the world kept moving on after I purchased my 2000 computer, and I did not keep up. Due to some flickering on my other computer Wrangler Man and the boys escorted me to Best Buy. I asked all the dumb questions to the tech people while my family hid. I think they can only take so much embarrasment in one day.
Yesterday I learned what an external Memory was, and how to use it.... and I did! I even learned how to transfer some files with a stick. Tomorrow I am promised that they will help me move my Electric Quilt stuff... any suggestions? I don't want to lose any of the patterns that I have made.
Hope you all are cutting well....


mkhquilts said...

WOW-that is lovely from Sue! I am almost inspired to start another one!
Mary H-Spokane, WA

Nancy said...

Gorgeous quilt.

I purchased an external hard drive in May to back-up all of my files. I had been using CDs as back-up before that, which seemed so wasteful.

Mary said...

I saw this in progress on Susan's site but hadn't seen the finished version. I love how she adapted my Patriotic Star and made a quilt all her own. I'm going to link to the finished quilt here on the instruction page so people can see a completely different version.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I love it...I am going to have to make one!


Denise V said...

I LOVE that strings star quilt!!!