Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Not much to report today. I am posting from my sons computer because I am too lazy to go downstairs to get mine! And all my pictures are on my computer.... I spent most of the day at the longarm machine. Which was very nice, I find I get a little crabby when I am away from it for too long. And the boys cleaned the house! ( well at least the part you can see!)
So - the reason for the no picture post - I made this soup - it is from the crockpot365 lady. It was absolutely wonderful for us... and it made a lot ( always a plus) so I thought I would share. I think it will be great in the fall and winter too!


I did not serve it with bacon or onions - simply because we ate it all... but I did use cheddar and parmesan cheese. And I made the chicken broth myself... ( impressed aren't you?)
Have a great night!! off to put my feet up and probably fall asleep!

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