Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Quilters Accountibility Week 4

These are the final 3 quilts from my January goal!! That makes 15 Quilts of Valor quilted in January - I am so excited!!
This first one is a courthouse steps. It was made by Harriet here in Colorado. She used a Jelly roll - very clever!! I think she said she added some extra fabrics to it as well.
Next comes a Quilt from my Mom. She made it this summer ( oops) and I got it done!! I quilted it with swirls and circles!

And the last quilt was made by the Miracles group in Denver. I did the echoed spine quilting again on it. It looks really nice!!
For my February Goals I wanted to sew my strings for 15 minutes a day - and of course it is only the 3rd - but whoo hoo - I have done it. I am working on a set of 24 red and white ones. Hope they turn out!
Today was one of those days - I had to be at school early, we sewed, at noon I had a child ( he was mine) bonk his head - so we went home. Came back and picked up the other two - went to H.S. Parent teacher conferences, ate dinner ( in the car) and had swim practices (2 kids) and basketball practice ( 1 kid) ... so my only exercise was running to the car and back. Bummer... wish me better luck for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

WTG!!! Good luck on the exercise does get in the way sometimes so just keep plugging away.

Shari in AZ

Lori said...

Whoo Hoo for you! Great job!The important thing is your still trying.

Mary said...

I debated what goals I wanted to set for working on my strings this year but decided daily would be too difficult -- I don't think I could even do daily for a month. So I chose Tuesdays and it's working well for me. I find I'm looking forward to playing in my strings.

Congratulations on the goal of quilting 15 in January -- good thing you have those binding angels.