Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Monday was the horse show day. We ( and by we -please know that I am referring to Wrangler Man and the 2 oldest boys. I had to hold hands with the little boy - yep - thats true!!) cleaned and washed up the horses. Made them all pretty again. They had already been washing them and keeping them as pretty as you can on a dirt ranch!
They got the horses all pretty - then they worked on dressing themselves all up. The Horse Show definition of Cowboy wear is a little different than our torn jeans, t-shirts, and baseball caps. But the kids cleaned up nice.

K - the middle son was working so hard with his mare, and she was really relaxed - until they got into the show ring. She immediately became a buckethead. He did so well with her though. She knocked his hat off. He was calm and cool and waited for someone to bring it back to him. After the mare had stepped on it. She was missing her partner who was waiting to come into the next class.

We think that maybe we should take the horses out more. They
were amazed at all the other horses out there! Barbie - thats the mare - didn't realize there was life off the ranch. Hmmm - sounds familiar!!

And speaking of horses - look at this cool quilt. It is a Quilt of Valor that was made by Willa in Livermore. Joanne in IA quilted it for us - and it is just gorgeous!! Thanks ladies!

Hope you all are having a great day. Do you have your rotary cutters all ready? Do you have a pile of Light and Dark Scraps handy? Only 2 more days until the cutting instructions are up!!

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LizA. said...

Don't they look handsome, all cleaned up. Looks like you guys had great weather too! We won't talk about the records that have been broken in Seattle this week......