Monday, June 22, 2009

Technical Difficulties

They are not really that technical - more like dumb! Yesterday I used my camera and took little videos of the kids playing golf, and wore my battery down..... so I can't get the photos off for another hour or two, especially since I am so organized and knew that the battery died - so I woke up soooo early to plug it in. Sure, that is my story, and as for why at 9pm the battery still doesn't work? Must be a power gremlin or something right??
But this all works in your favor! You get to see 5 lovely beautiful quilts sent in from Judith and the Calico County Quilters! They made such wonderful quilts, and they still got here despite flooding and horrible storms that surrounded Judith!
And I can tell you how nice today was. The thunderstorms are moving in, and I am so glad they waited until now - we spent the day at the pool. Swim team for the oldest starts at 7 ( so we leave at 6:30) and swim team ends at 11:15 for the youngest. Then we had a great lunch and went back for 3 hours in the afternoon. It was perfect....

I even * Now Sit Down* swam laps! I mean like real laps with a turn and all. *And* I did not drown, no one had to come drag me out of the pool. I exited with out a crane!

Now aren't you glad that some power gremlin forgot to plug in my camera battery and let you in a little on these beautiful quilts and my lovely day?

Oh - we also went to Sams Club and checked out the cell phone family plans. Any one have a great family plan for cell phones? It is just my oldest son and I for the "plan" but we want it cheap!!

Have a great evening - I will post the next step first thing tomorrow morning, unless I forget to go to bed tonite *giggle*

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Denise said...

way to go on the swimming!!! :)